Our Vision: Mask Your Face, Not Your Personality!


Our Mission: Protect Humans with Fashionable Face Masks!


Our Location: Historic Old Town Sacramento, California


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Sacramento, CA (1/12/21) - Local entrepreneurs Mike Eastburn and Matt Weaver have opened a new business called Mask Mania California in historic Old Sacramento. Operating at 1026 2nd Street, employees endeavor to provide their clientele with fashionable and safe face coverings to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

            Despite its recent opening date of September 2019, Mask Mania California has attracted many customers within the Sacramento area. Their waterfront location has allowed consumers to shop indoors and purchase from a selection of hundreds of pre-made and customizable masks.

            Some advantages the store holds over competitors who offer similar selections are their ability to offer full-scale design support, worldwide shipping within 48 hours of order placement, brand customization, and mass production of up to 10,000 items in a single order. The physical location of the business also makes it possible for buyers to view masks on display, determine their fitting, and receive suggestions from employees about which masks would pair best with other articles of clothing.


            The dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic have presented unprecedented challenges for new establishments across California, but the necessity for face coverings, as well as a desire to protect and serve the community, motivated co-founders Eastburn and Weaver to offer their services in the midst of current economic conditions.

“We decided to take a very pragmatic approach [by] limiting store hours and [focusing] on e-commerce during the regional stay-at-home orders. As things reopen we plan on expanding our store hours and [offering] pop-up locations around the region to help Sacramento mask up,” said Weaver.

Mask Mania California hosts an online platform at in order to sell their items across the country. Eastburn and Weaver developed this online store to cater to customers who would rather purchase from the comfort and security of home, and this option aligns with the company’s values of safe health practices and self-protection.

            The staff are also planning to diversify their product range by selling custom hats and apparel. By offering their clients an expanded selection, they hope to help their fellow business owners design gear for their companies, as well as develop and solidify their brands.

            One objective the store emphasizes is the importance of saving lives by continuing to cover one’s face. Their business motto “we wear because we care” is meant to encourage clientele not only in California, but across the globe, to be mindful of the health of others at risk of falling victim to widespread illness.

Mask Mania California is a locally-owned business based in Sacramento, California. Founded in 2019, their mission is to provide fashionably safe masks to compliment the smiles and lives of their community.

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