Camouflage Bandana Mask

(Save 60%)

           Camouflage Bandana Mask

  • Adjustable Earloop (with safety ring for Kids)
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Pocket to insert the filter
  • Metal Sheet to contour the nose
  • Washable by hand or delicate washing 40
  • Beautiful Colors & Print
  • No border on the edge to be comfortable
  • Superior workmanship
  • Cotton lining gentle with the skin


Mask Details

  • Facemask with Filter Pocket.
  • Inner Socket Designed for the filter.
  • Double filtration to escort your health.
  • The stitches are neat and uniform.
  • Elastic ear-loop can be stretched freely.
  • Style right for you.

    The Look

    - Bling
    - Sparkle
    - Style


    Flawless Bling that enriches any outfit!

    From your favorite jeans to that Perfect Day Dress you'll be showered with compliments all day!

    Ideal for Brunch, Coffee Runs, Running Errands & especially Day Dates!


    You'll leave Stunning First Impressions when the sun sets!

    Endless Compliments are awaiting you everywhere you go!

    Ideal for Social Events, Concerts & Date Night!

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